Do you love Italy, art, fashion, luxury, shopping, wine, food and driving Maserati cars? Maserati’s incredible Master Italian Lifestyle Experience takes the best of Italy’s Tuscany region and adds the thrill of driving new Maserati cars to create the ultimate luxury car and culture weekend.

Maserati Driving experience
Drive through Tuscany in a new Maserati (Courtesy of Maserati)


This ultimate driver’s fantasy puts you behind the wheel of a new Maserati (Granturismo and Quattroporte models) for two days of Italian adventures. The first day is spent on the Maserati test track in Parma (like the ham), Italy. You get the thrill of racing these Ferrari-powered sedans and coupes around a track while honing your driving skills with the Maserati instructors. Unlike some driving programs that focus on the driver, the Master Italian Lifestyle Experience really creates a wonderful adventure for both the driver and their companion. Everything is planned for two people, although solo drivers are accepted.

Maserati Driving experience
Drive the ultimate Italian car through the countryside (Courtesy of Maserati)

Here’s a look at the Maserati driving experience:

Pre-event – arrival drinks and dinner
Participants arrive the night before the experience and spend the night in Parma at the stylish Link 124 hotel. There’s a welcome reception and a group dinner in Parma.

Day one – on the track
The first day is spent in Varano de’ Melegari at the Riccardo Paletti Autodrome, where drivers have a chance to test the capability of these amazing cars. After a brief theory session in a classroom, it’s onto the track for a day of driving. There’s a mix of practical techniques and race techniques, making use of on-board video and remote telemetry. Between driving sessions, the video and telemetry are analyzed and discussed.

While the driver does the track sessions, the companion gets a tour of Parma. After lunch together, the driver continues his track experience, while the companion is whisked off to Florence for a shopping adventure. The driver then meets his companion in the evening, having driven a Maserati from the track to Florence with an instructor, further reinforcing driving techniques learned on the track. The night is spent at the magnificent Grand Hotel Villa Medici in Florence.

Day two – Tuscan hill cruise and tour of Florence
Day two starts with a 50-mile morning drive through the hills of Chianti. Aside from the thrill of experiencing these Italian thoroughbreds in their natural habitat, the drive provides a front-row seat to the beauty of the Italian countryside as well as some wine tasting stops. The morning drive culminates in a foodie visit to the magnificent Castello Frescobaldi vineyard. After lunch, in the afternoon, there’s a VIP guided tour of Florence, its old town and its amazing museums.

The Maserati Master Italian Driving Experience is limited to 18-24 people per event with the 2016 experience scheduled for July 14 and 15. The cost for a driver is $5,626, which includes VAT and is all-inclusive: the use of the cars, luxury accommodation, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, museum entry and guided tours. The non-driving companion pays $1,470, which includes all the activities, sharing accommodations with the driver. Extensions for a few more Maserati-planned days in Florence are offered.