Sorry for not posting in a few days, but sometimes I just get so busy traveling and processing all the information, photos and videos I acquire on each adventure. I am finishing up an amazing week in the state of Saxony in Germany, home to The Reformation and a lot of incredible history.

Dresden city view
A view of Dresden from the dome of the Frauenkirch church

Lufthansa flight attendents
No, you’re not seeing double, these were the matching flight attendents on my Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Dresden
Meissen cathedral
The cathedral in Meissen
Frauenkirch Dresden
I was allowed to climb up into the pulpit in Dresden’s Frauenkirch church.

After a nice flight on Lufthansa, I arrived in Dresden and spent four nights in the beautiful Swissotel Dresden Am Schloss. The cool hotel is right across from the castle in the historic heart of the city and I really loved my Grand Room. Like a luxury suite without walls, the open floor plan was great and like having a hip luxury apartment. I especially liked the huge, freestanding tub. The service was wonderful, as was the food, especially the incredible breakfast served each morning.

Dresden was a very cool city, it’s finally restoring a lot of its history, most of which was bombed during World War II. The city has a hip, young, vibe, with a lot of students and young people and I really enjoyed myself.

Playing a church organ
I had a chance to play the church organ at the Frauenkirch in Dresden

I will be writing more about my whole itinerary, but another highlight was a visit to the city of Meissen and its famous porcelain factory. We toured the factory and the on-site museum and were then treated to an amazing dinner, all served on Meissen porcelain dinnerware. Although familiar with Meissen, I was not aware of the the value, typical small figures go for about $1,500 and a fancy painted teacup is about $500.

Meissen porcelain factory tour
Helping to make some Meissen porcelain
Meissen dinner
Dining on some Meissen dinnerware

We visited Pillnitz and the cool Zimmerling winery, where we tasted some of their delicious white wines. All the wine (and of course the beer) has been amazing as has been the food. I’ve been surprised at each meal how delicious it is and we’ve mainly been eating German specialities from each city we visit. After the winery, we took a dampf schiff fahrt, which is not something dirty, it’s a steam boat cruise, which is a popular way to see the Elbe river and surrounding countryside.

Gelato in Torgau foodie
I’ve eaten a lot of great food here in Germany, this was gelato in Torgau
Luxury Fre din a pulpit
In the pulpit at the royal chapel at the Hartfels Castle, where Martin Luther once preached.

A visit to Torgau and finally Leipzig was next, all these cities are in the former East Germany and after 25 years since unification, they are just catching up to the West and offering a wonderful tourist infrastructure. Leipzig has been a lot of fun, we had dinner at Auerbach Keller, the oldest restaurant in Germany and visited a lot of great museums. We visited the Bach museum, the Mendelssohn museum and the Grassi Museum, one of the world’s largest musical instrument museums (where I got to play an antique harpsichord).

I even appeared on German television, about being a travel writer visiting Saxony. You can watch the video here:


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