Staying in New York for the Holidays

Skipping the long-haul flight to Europe may prove to be the best decision of your life

With the current economic situation, more and more people are deciding to stay home for the holidays instead of travelling to the far-flung reaches of the globe. Scott Mayerowitz and Jonathan Fahey of the Associated Press report that Americans’ travel plans now reflect the state of the economy, and many people don’t feel comfortable splurging on a week-long vacation in the Bahamas. While Travel4People is all about first class, we do recognize that sometimes, staying home is better.

Fortunately, there’s still a bunch of stuff that families can do while staying within the US. Most campgrounds these days host music festivals, and it’s not impossible to have a taste of the high life while staying in your home state.

Something we all look forward to when we travel abroad is the cuisine. Even with America being a hodgepodge of different cultures (meaning you’re bound to get a taste of everything here), nothing beats the real deal. However, we can’t all fly to Japan for first-class sushi, and the truth is, we don’t have to.

In New York alone, there is a plethora of different cuisines, all coming together in perfect harmony to make something that’s uniquely New York. Kathy McLeman of words this perfectly: “With a thriving Italian, Korean, Chinese, Central and South American population, all of the major nationalities of the world are represented in New York and it’s worth heading to K-Town, China Town and Little Italy in Manhattan to find the best, most authentic dishes and a great atmosphere to accompany them.” Time Out boasts of a list of a hundred of the best New York City restaurants, all categorized based on cuisine. Whether you’re looking for soul food, Chinese, French, or just some fancy vegetarian, you’re sure to find the perfect restaurant in this list. Eater also has an annual Eater 38, which features the most prominent restaurants in New York. Among these are the famed Locanda Verde, a restaurant owned by Robert DeNiro that has, over the years, become a one of the hottest tickets in town.

Americans may still be reeling from the economic crises, but this doesn’t mean that vacations need to suffer. With some exploration and an open mind, New Yorkers can have one of the best staycations ever imagined. After all, there’s always something to discover in New York.