As someone who takes thousands of images on each of my adventures, it can be hard to keep up with actually posting galleries so people can see them. Here are some images of Westminster Abbey, taken during my London adventure earlier this year. For me Westminster Abbey is the essence of English history, art, architecture, just everything in one massive building. I learn something new each time I visit, for the first time I visited the tomb of Queen Elizabeth, who I didn’t even realize was buried there. For me, that personal, direct interaction with history, the ability to see and touch her tomb, is what travel is all about.

Westminster Scholars War Memorial
The column and statue on the right is the Westminster Scholars War Memorial. It depicts St George slaying the dragon. It also features statues of St Edward the Confessor, Henry III, Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria
WEstminster Abbey
The building itself is beautiful from every direction
Westminster Abbey
Aside from visiting the abbey, be sure to wander around the cloister and gardens
Westminster Abbey
The Lumiere London art installation really highlighted the carvings and beautiful artistic symmetry of the facade

You’ll see some night images of the abbey taken during the spectacular London Lumiere art installation. This amazing four-day event in January 2016 turned buildings and other London landmarks into giant illuminated pieces of art.

Westminster Abbey
The facade lit up for the London Lumiere art event in February 2016
Westminster Abbey color
The facade of the abbey lit up for London’s annual Lumiere art event
Westminster Abbey
The imposing facade of Westminster Abbey