Truly one of the world’s great restaurants, Bo Innovation doesn’t follow trends, it sets them. Run by the Demon Chef himself, Alvin Leung, the restaurant offers what he calls “X-Treme Chinese Cuisine.” I had an amazing 14-course tasting dinner there, with a menu entitled “The Hong Kong Story.”

Fishing Village
Fishing Village: Spot prawn with soy salt, umami noodles, pickle and fuzzy melon

The tasting menu celebrates Chef Leung’s childhood in Hong Kong with his take on classic Chinese food dishes and Hong Kong street food. Here’s a gallery of photos showing all the wonderful things I ate. Each course was paired with a wonderful glass of wine. You can see the full description of each item, along with a look at my complete dinner, on my YouTube channel.

Baby food at Bo
Baby Food: Black truffle Chian Dan Chee
Bo Innovation
Executive Chef Dave Yu helps me with the menu
Bo Innovation
Lotus: Lotus seed Tong Yuen and consomme
Wine pairing dinner
Each course included a wine pairing, carefully described by the sommelier

The restaurant is in Wanchai and seats are reserved years in advance. It’s a very cool area of Hong Kong Island (formerly the red light district), filled with a lot of bars, restaurants and nightlife. More than just great food, Bo Innovation offers guests a true culinary adventure with each dish coming with a fascinating explanation and presentation. Chef Leung’s team, led by Executive Chef Dave Yu, works together as a unit to consistently deliver one-in-a-lifetime foodie moments night after night.

Bamboo course
Bamboo: Foie gras basted with a Chu Yeh Ching miso, served with green apple and charred bamboo mantau

The food and entire experience was amazing. The tasting dinner included wine pairings (you can also get the dinner without wine) and the selections were amazing. Wines from France, Australia, Spain and Italy, all perfectly matched with the various dishes. Some of the wine is exclusively bottled for the restaurant and only available there.

Dim sum
Dim Sum: Caviar, on crispy taro with a smoked quail egg
Bo Innovation
Danny Wony explains the Childs Play dish to me, Chef Leung’s take on two classic Hong Kong street foods

Photos of me and some of the food photos by Ali Ghorbani. He is an amazing Hong Kong-based wedding photographer who also gives seminars in Hong Kong street photography (how and where to get the best shots) and iPhone techniques for social media imaging.

Business Class
Enjoying a meal aboard Cathay Pacific

I always fly to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific in their foodie-friendly Business Class cabin. They have wonderful service, excellent food and wine and connect Hong Kong with LAX and a few other US gateway cities. If you search “Hong Kong” here on my my blog, you can see other posts from my many visits to this vibrant Asian city.