The more I travel, the more friends and family ask me for recommendations for tour operators. Although I was never a fan of group tours, the new small-group, mild adventure tours are great experiences. I just returned from the Peruvian Legends Discovery Tour from Gate 1 Travel. Gate 1 is a recognized leader in the group tour industry, but they’ve started this new division to address the demand for these small group experiences. I traveled with 12 other people, with a tour manager who was with us the entire time. We were joined by local guides in the various cities or regions we visited.

Machu Picchu


Everything was included, all the excusions, all the tickets and musuem passes, train tickets and even flights within Peru. About 90 percent of the meals were also included, all served in wonderful hotels and restaurants. All the hotels were also beaufitul and upscale, most were the nicest available in the areas we visited. There were no upcharges, no pressure to purchase anything or to upgrade, it really was wonderfully all-inclusive.

The organization was great, even the meals were pre-planned, with menus passed out to the group to make selections, allowing us to arrive at a restaurant and the food service to begin immediately. The food was excellent, with a range of selections for each meal, always including some chicken or steak for those not willing to go local.

A blind harp player in Peru's Sacred Valley

The combination of a caring and knowledgable guide, plus great hotels, wonderful food and a real all-inclusive experience, made the Peruvian Legends Discovery Tour from Gate 1 Travel truly a wonderful experience for myself and my fellow adventurers. And given how this tour was organized and that many of my fellow guests had taken other Gate 1 tours, I would recommend the company for any of their wide range of available tours.