I’m a fan of music festivals. I think they represent a great opportunity to see a large group of bands in a single (or multi) day experience. Festival organizers work hard to provide a line-up of similar music and / or a diverse group of offerings that will please most festival goers. I also like attending music festivals because they usually represent a good value, compared to buying tickets to see each artist perform individually. In addition to the great music, I find I encounter people with similar tastes and interests to mine and enjoy meeting and networking with them.Weezer on the Weezer cruise

I like attending music festivals so much that I’ve also attended two on the high seas. Music-themed cruises with major artists like Kid Rock, KISS, Weezer and more now bring the music festival experience to a cruise ship, offering a great musical vacation.

Why I like music festivals and music cruises
On a music cruise, like at a music festival, there is always something to see and do. Multiple artists are constantly performing at multiple stages and spaces around the ship. Using the handy schedule and guide, it’s fun to view all the selections and then decide where to go. For example on the 311 Caribbean Cruise, we would watch 311 perform on the main stage on deck, then venture to the disco to see J Randy rock the mic. Then we might go to the casino stage to watch Cisco Adler and then check out Full Service in the lounge. If you’re not feeling an artist, you can just leave and go check out something else.

311 Cruise
Why a music cruise
The cruise ship is the ideal environment because while you have multiple concerts and performances happening, you also have the pool, the spa, the casino, sundeck, all the normal cruise ship amenities, to also enjoy. I loved the food, as there is 24 hour room service and a great buffet restaurant open most hours. Not having to drive anywhere and having your hotel room only steps away also made it a more fun environment to let loose and really relax and have fun. Most music cruises are total charters, meaning every other person on the cruise is there attending the experience, you are not just a group of people along with regular cruisers.

My favorite music cruise experience
My favorite music festival experience was the 311 Caribbean Cruise in 2012. This event featured a range of artists including the Dirty Heads, Full Service, Cisco Adler, J Randy, Passafire and Trailer Park Ninjas. The cruise was a four-day cruise to the Bahamas and 311 and (in addition to multiple performances on the ship) the artists also performed on a stage set up on the beach on the cruise line’s private island in the Bahamas. Each cruiser got a ticket to see one of the 311 formal theater shows and also a photo with the band. I really liked the communal experience and became friends with a lot of my fellow cruisers. The cruise had a positive, friendly atmosphere and it was a lot of fun to spend the time with all those other music fans.

by Freddy Sherman
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