The premium economy product is a relatively new one and air travelers are faced with balancing the added cost against the added amenities. British Airways calls its premium economy World Traveller Plus (economy class is known as World Traveller) and this flyer was quite impressed.

British Airways crew
British Airways friendly crew

I flew World Traveller Plus aboard a virtually brand-new Airbus A380 (November 2014 delivery) from London Heathrow to LAX. In London, I had checked-in online, so I only used the bag drop and not the official check-in counter. World Traveller Plus gets its own check-in line there. The boarding experience was smooth, I must admit I arrived quite late (yet still before the boarding deadline), so the only options were regular boarding and premium boarding, which did not include World Traveller Plus tickets.

World Traveller Plus British Aiways
My World Traveller Plus seat

The benefits really become apparent in the cabin, where WTP gets its own curtained off section. There are dedicated restrooms and a dedicated cabin crew just for the section. The seats are 2-3-2, I was in the center section, on the aisle, but fortunately there was no one in the middle seat. The seats are large and comfortable and there are two armrests, so no fighting with your neighbor. The personal space is generous and having flown World Traveller on an A380 a few months before, a lot more than in economy class. A lot more space, even allowing a middle passenger to exit without the outer ones having to get up. An amenity kit is provided and I was quite encouraged as it included eyeshades, meaning BA intended for me to sleep. Once we took off, I discovered the recline was quite deep, enough for sleeping. No, this is not a flat bed, but it’s a huge improvement over the economy seat.

World Traveller Plus in-flight entertainment
The seat back screen and USB outlets

The seat includes two USB outlets for charging and device connection and it comes with the full in-flight entertainment system and headphones. I found a lot of great TV shows and movies to watch. Food is great too, normally you get the same entree as served to business class.

British Airways meal
Seared filet of British beef

Other upgraded amenities include double the baggage allowence (two checked and two in the cabin). There is also complimentary bar service and snacks available throughout the flight. At the time of this writing, an off-season standard World Traveller round-trip ticket from LAX – London is $891, a World Traveller Plus ticket is $1740.