Nothing fancy, but good rates, great staff and good location.

The hotel is located outside the main area by the Palais, but directly across from the train station. We like it because its in a real neighborhood, with real people, so even during the festival, theres a nice feeling of normal village life, people going to work in the morning, shopping, etc.


We’ve gone about 5 times, always during the Cannes Film Festival. The hotel is part of a European chain, specializing in apartment hotels offering little kitchens more amenities for longer stays. The rooms are small, but include a small kitchen area. The price for a 2 room, mini apartment, nice for 2 people, a little cramped for 4, is the same as a small single room in other hotels in the city.

The staff is very friendly and helpful, although rules are rules and you’ll find this in many hotels in France. If they close during a lunch hour, they really do disappear and you need to respect that and wait. A good attitude, some kindness and even a little French will go a long way to getting anything you need.

Rates are reasonable, but like everywhere in town, they go way up during the May Cannes Film Festival. We checked, and this year the rate is 240 euros a night x a 10 night minimum during the festival. Other times the rates go as low as 99. euros a night.

We heartily recommend Citadines Cannes Carnot when staying in Cannes.