We’ve been here a few times and while we’re never overwhelmed, we’re never disapointed either.

The hotel is located in central London on Grosvenor (pronounced GROVE-NER) Square. Its a few doors down from the American Embassy and a block or two away from the amazing shopping of Oxford Circus. There are also some beautiful small streets with upscale shops around the hotel.

The hotel itself is rather bland, business traveler style, with a bit of a British touch. The rooms are upscale and luxurious. The prices are high, we recommend shopping around for a less expensive property unless you have Marriott points to spend.

We arrived in the morning, the rooms were not ready and they welcomed us to enjoy some tea. The room was upgraded from the basic level, nice view out onto the square. The room was small, but not tiny, and the bathroom was a good size. The location is very central to all the goodies London has to offer and is close to transport. A great hotel for Christmas stays in London.

We took the express train direct from Heathrow and walked from Victoria Station to the hotel, its also a short cab ride.

For booking, Marriott.com