As chef Ramsay’s 13th restaurant in this uber-foodie city, it can be hard to compete with himself, let alone the multitude of really great spots from the next generation of chefs.

Heddon Street Kitchen
Heddon Street Kitchen


Heddon Street Kitchen sits in a cool little area of Mayfair, just off Regent Street. The menu features a range of classic and fusion dishes and it all works together well. The space is in a pedestrian area filled with restaurants. The design inside is modern, yet comfortable. It’s a large space with multiple seating levels.

Tamarind chicken wings
Tamarind-spiced chicken wings

I had tamarind-spiced chicken wings which were amazing. I also had a charcuterie platter with chorizo sausage, ham and coppa Lombardi salami. Main course was a pork chop, which was perfect. The atmosphere had a nice buzz, even for 9 PM on a Monday night. The menu has a range of options and everything I tried was really well prepared.

Charcuterie plate