I spent a week with this very cool SUV from Audi USA. With 20″ rims, S-line styling and 428 lb ft of torque, it really moves. It’s an SUV with paddle shifters and an F1-inspired steering wheel. It’s fairly docile, but when you put it in Sport mode and crush the accelerator through the floor, it flies. I thrashed it up and down Coldwater Canyon and Mulholland and it was really amazing how powerful it was and how well it handled. It doesn’t replace a sports car, but if you need the space of an SUV, it’s a great option. I’ve driven the Porsche Cayenne and like this much better, at half the price.

The Audi TDI technology is great, 428 lb ft of torque yet 27 MPG for this luxury SUV. And TDI produces 20% less emissions than a gas engine.

Retail on this model, with options is $60K. More pics HERE on the Luxury Fred Facebook page.