The Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa sure appears to be a beautiful luxury resort, set against the beautiful backdrop of the San Jacinto mountains that surround Palm Springs. Sadly, guests who make the decision to stay here just may find themselves in a room with a broken bathroom door, bad paint and a dangling bathroom vent like Luxury Fred.

Hanging bathroom vent
The hanging vent in my bathroom

You read my full review on Examiner HERE. Below are some pics of the room’s “shortcomings” to use the word of the property’s director of operations after touring the room. The hotel refunded part of my night’s payment, refusing to refund the $52.28 which was their $29 resort fee and taxes and fees. They offered a free, one-night return visit, in addition to their partial refund.

Paint stain on Westin wall
A big paint mark on the wall next to the bathroom
Broken door at Westin
The bathroom door hinge, missing one screw and with two loose ones