After using a range of different equipment and brands over the years, I’ve become a Sony guy. I get amazing results and find their products extremely reliable. I use a Sony NEX-3N as my still camera and for HD video interviews. I use a pair of Sony Action Cam AS15s (first generation) for HD video, some interviews, as second cameras and for wide angle stills. As a travel photographer, they allow me to capture some great wide angle images. As a frequent user of the Action Cam, I was excited to hear about the next generation, which incorporates a lot of the changes and updates I was seeking. I just got the new Sony HDR-AS30V Action Cam and the new Sony PJ650 Handycam camcorder and will be using them over the next few weeks and posting the results on my Flickr and YouTube.


Action Cam HDR-AS30V

This is the second gen Action Cam, I’ve been using the first gen for a while now and love it. I’m also glad to see some key improvements, especially the ability to swicth between video and stills with the waterproof housing still on.The stills are now 11.9 megapixels and there is a range of other improvements and additions which I will cover in my formal review.


HD Handycam HDR-PJ650

This will also take my filming to a new level, although I have gotten great results with my Sony NEX-3N so far. The Handycam features full HD will all the bells and whistles and takes 20.4 megapixel still images. You can record still images while filming. There is no video tape, the camera uses an SD card (or a range of other memory types) but also includes 32 GB of internal memory. I will cover all the features in my formal review. The wow factor on this camcorder is the built-in projecter. It projects a bright, HD image on the wall or ceiling. Even in the conference room where I first saw it, the colors were bright. You can watch the content from the camera on the projector and, here’s a the key part, you can hook up an external source via HDMI cable and it will broadcast the content on the projector. So, you can hook up a tablet or laptop and stream Netflix, then project it on your ceiling in a hotel room. It’s a real game-changer and has that wow factor that will impress people at parties. The camera has a wide angle (26.8 mm) lens which should work great with the huge 20.4 megapixel stills it takes.

The other key development on this camera is a balanced optical steady-shot system, like a miniature steadi-cam system inside with the lens almost suspended in a gyroscope type of contraption. I look forward to testing it all out.