I’ll be writing more about him but have to give a shout out & thank you to our guide & cultural adviser in Istanbul, Cengiz Kellekci of Worldwide Travel Services (wwsturkey.com). Born & raised in the city, he truly loves Istanbul and Turkey and is eager to share that feeling and knowledge with others.

He has a deep knowledge of the history of the city, its people and buildings and really shared an incredible amount of information in the short time we were there. He took care of our group, guided us to the secret spots, places in the big monuments I would have never found on my own. He also knows the city and the people (from the museum directors to the security guards at the gates), so we were able to bypass crowds and lines at historic sites, saving us time.

Cengiz also spent time in the US and that allows him to really communicate well on a personal level. His company offers everything from guide services to complete vacation planning (even location filming guidance) and I would highly recommend them for a trip to Turkey. Combine that with the amazing service of Turkish Airlines USA and you have the elements for a perfect adventure.