Remember kids, no one ever asked for a “rum and Pepsi” or a “Jack and Pepsi”. First, may I say I have nothing against the PepsiCo company. I’m a frequent consumer of their Tropicana orange juices but just not a fan of their cola. I hate the taste of Pepsi and love the taste of Coke. Not that I drink it every day or even that frequently, but when I do, it’s gotta be a Coke and there’s nothing more frustrating to find myself at a restaurant that only serves PepsiCo products.


As someone who travels alot, I sure hate when I sit down and order a Coke, only to hear “is Pepsi OK?” Or even worse to have a Pepsi just brought instead of a Coke, the server thinking I won’t know the difference. To the “Is Pepsi OK?” question, my answer is always no.

Knowing their customers deserve a choice, really good places that only serve Pepsi will keep a secret stash of Coke for their guests who request it. I recently stayed at a Los Angeles corporate luxury hotel which only serves Pepsi (officially and chain-wide) but keeps such a stash. While dining with the GM, I asked for a Coke and was not happy to hear the “is Pepsi OK?” response. The manager saw my response and told the waitress to go in the manager’s office, under the desk, on the right side, where there was an emergency case of Coca-Cola. It got funnier when I returned the next night, without the GM, and ordered a Coke from a different server. After repeatedly telling me they only had Pepsi, I blew her mind when I directed her to return to the secret stash in the back office and get me a Coke!

It comes down to money. If the restaurant is asking if Pepsi is OK, that means Pepsi is paying them not to serve Coca-Cola products. They property gets paid and the customer loses their choice.