Four Seasons Seattle
The XT4 outside the Four Seasons Seattle

I was one of the first people in the world (who wasn’t a Cadillac employee) to drive the cool 2019 Cadillac XT4 crossover. I’ll be posting my full review and drive video on Monday on YouTube but wanted to share some images and video here. In Seattle, I stayed in the stylish Four Seasons Seattle, located right on the city’s waterfront. The location was perfect as a base for our driving adventures in the XT4 luxury compact SUV.

Cadillac XT4
A look at the back end
Cadillac XT4
Perfect for a weekend getaway to the lake.

The 2019 Cadillac XT4 is the all-new compact crossover SUV for the brand, what they referred to as a “baby Escalade.” It’s the first of many new vehicles Cadillac will release over the next few years.

I had a chance to drive the XT4 all over Seattle and the Washington area, taking it on a 100 mile road trip around the state. Here’s a look at the XT4 in motion, driving in the waterfront area of Seattle.

Check my YouTube channel on Monday for my full review and driving impressions. There are two distinct models of the XT4, both priced the same. There is a luxury version, with different wheels and exterior trim and a Sport version with a more blacked-out look and different rims. The Sport version is available with GM’s great magnetic ride control and the XT4 is available in either FWD or AWD. I spent most of my driving the AWD Premium Luxury edition you see in the photos.

Four Seasons Seattle
It’s always fun at the Four Seasons

I really liked the Four Seasons Seattle, the location is perfect for walking around the downtown area. Great Four Seasons service. Nice, modern, stylish room with a little bit of a water view. Nice, spa-like bathroom with a bathtub the size and depth of a small swimming pool. I loved it.

Seattle drive
This was our driving course, all around Seattle

As you can see from the map, we started at the Four Seasons in downtown Seattle and then drove south to the town of Black Diamond, near the Green River Gorge. From there we drove east through Tacoma to Lakebay, Washington where we had lunch on a dock overlooking the water. From Lakebay we drove north to Seabeck, before heading east towards Bainbridge Island and the ferry. We took the Bainbridge Island ferry back across Puget Sound to Seattle, seeing some amazing skyline views of the entire city as we approached the ferry terminal.

Seattle ferry view
A view of Seattle as we approached on the ferry