My adventure has begun, I’m in my cabin aboard the Sound of Music on my Danube river cruise with Gate 1 Travel. We left Budapest on Sunday afternoon, reaching our first stop, Bratislava, the next day. We explored the city before setting off again, this time for Vienna, Austria.

View of Vienna from Cathedral
A view of Vienna from the belltower of the cathedral

 My cabin is wonderful, with a large sliding glass door that opens onto the river. It’s great to sit by the window and watch the world go by, I also like to leave it open at night to hear the sound of the water.

Gate 1 danube cruise cabin
My cabin aboard the Sound of Music

Service has also been great, as has the food. As always, I’ve enjoyed meeting all my fellow adventurers.

Heroes' Square in Budapest

This is not my first experience with Gate 1, I went on a Peru small group Discovery Tour in 2013 and was really impressed. They really had all the logistics and scheduling down, which maximized our enjoyment and the time we got to spend exploring, instead of traveling from place to place.

Cruising the Danube
Passing through locks on the Danube