I spent a fun night in Hollywood, at a benefit for the Waterkeeper Alliance, hosted by Toyota and their new Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Powered by hydrogen (which the car converts into electrical energy, used to drive an electric motor) this zero emission vehicle does emit something from its exhaust: water vapor.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
The Toyota Mirai, now available in California, combines luxury and technology

Kate Walsh
With my friend Kate Walsh, who was part of the show

I will be driving and reviewing the new Mirai next week, but I did have a chance to see the car up close and to sit inside. At just under $60K, it’s bigger and more luxurious than a Prius. You can read more about my night and the car on Examiner.com HERE.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
Keep It Clean was a benefit show for the Waterkeeper Alliance, a global organization focused on clean water for swimming, drinking, fishing and more.
Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
The Mirai emits only water vapor, no toxic emissions

Here’s a vlog I filmed at the event

Waterkeeper Alliance benefit
Executive Director of the Waterkeeper Alliance Marc Yaggi, President of the Board of Waterkeeper Alliance Bobby Kennedy Jr., comedian Wanda Sykes, actor Ray Romano and deputy director of the Waterkeeper Alliance Mary Beth Postman

The comedy show, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, was hilarious, with my favorites being JB Smoove, Nick Kroll and Zach Galifianakis. After the show, there was a fun party at Bardot, the club above the Avalon.

Keep It Clean Waterkeeper benefit
The show was held at the Avalon in Hollywood

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell
Checking out the interior of a new Toyota Mirai
Jimmy Kimmel at charity event
Jimmy Kimmel was the host of the show
With Nick Kroll
With Nick Kroll, who was hilarious
JB Smoove
JB Smoove was one of the highlights of the night’s performers

Dean and Deluca