As someone fortunate enough to mostly fly business class for my international flights, it was a bit of a wake-up call to find myself deep in Lufthansa’s economy class for a flight to Munich. Having survived unscathed, I must say it was not an unpleasant experience and if you must do it, Lufthansa is probably the best option. I was happy to do it as I am here to do a Danube river cruise with Gate 1 Travel.

Lufthansa inflight meal economy class
My pasta

My first impression of Lufthansa was quite positive as I had a large backpack carry-on, mainly filled with my Sony camera equipment. I was concerned about a lack of carry-on space and asked the flight manager at the gate about it. She kindly offered me to pre-board the flight, eliminating the risk of not having space.

On-board, the seats themselves are thin, allowing more space between them. I would not call it roomy, but I did not feel too cramped and the seats are comfortable and have a good degree of recline. The 2-4-2 configuration of the Airbus A340 also made it feel roomy. I was on the aisle on one of the 2 seat set-ups. Service was quite good and I enjoyed the free alcohol. Headsets and full entertainment were also offered to all passengers at no charge. I used the FlyNet inflight Wifi, which cost $24 for the flight and worked sporadically.

Passenger on Lufthansa economy class
Flying Lufthansa Economy Class (selfie w/ my new Sony Xperia Z2 tablet)

The flight left Los Angeles a bit late due to a loading / weigh distribution error, which was promptly announced to us by the captain. The late departure forced me to walk briskly from the flight upon landing in Munich, right to the next terminal to literally walk on the connection to Budapest as the last passenger. I must admit I thought I had more time and although I didn’t take my time, I certainly didn’t rush like a madman. My luggage did not make the connection but I figured as much and went right to the lost luggage counter. They confirmed it did not make the flight and quickly set me up to have it delivered to the hotel later that night, which it promptly was. Don’t tell Lufthansa, but having the bag delivered to the hotel instead of having to lug it off baggage claim, into the taxi and to the hotel, was much easier for me. As a seasoned traveler, I always pack the important stuff in my carry-on, anyway.

I followed the Kempinski concierge’s instructions and got a ticket for the official FoTaxi from the airport, which was about $38. One thing I noticed while riding in the cab, Hungarian is impossible to read, in that I could not make out what any of the words meant, no connection to English or Latin languages. After a 30 minute ride, I arrived at my home in Budapest for the next few days, the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest.

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest
After 24 hours of traveling, I arrived in Budapest