Last day in Cusco, at this point Im still pretty wiped out, again from the mountain climb.

walked around the city, ate some good meals and prepared to depart at 3 PM. Hotel provided free taxi to airport.

LAN 38
Cusco – LIMA
Depart 4:30 PM

These flights were on small 737, single class service. I got a seat in the front row and had a lot of room. As with other LAN flights, service was great.

Got an official taxi at the Lima airport to take me to Miraflores for 45/s or $15.00, took about 45 minutes and i saw lima is a surfing town with a beach area. it was winter, so not too much action.

Miraflores is an upscale neighborhood on the ocean. Filled with clubs, restaurants and bars. I got there at 7 PM and the streets were packed. I had some dinner and walked around. There was a big park, Parque Kennedy with an art exhibition and a flea market. The first taxi driver told me to leave at 10 PM. They have an alley called Calle De Pizza, filled with pizza joints and discos, with hucksters outside trying to get you to come in. I had a beer and then walked around more.

Got a cab on time at 10 PM to return to the airport. Already had my boarding pass and headed for the LAN Lounge. Very nice, showers, big screen TVs and lots of snacks and drinks. Also an orange juice squeezing machine for fresh squeezed oj, which i love. Boarding was at 12:55 AM for the 1:40 AM flight from Lima to LAX. Left the lounge at 12:30, walked straight onto the plane. Had seat 4, also 767, but again had no one next to me, making for a great flight. The front of this flight was only 50% full.

Flight from Lima was amazing. Take off and get settled, an hour gone. Watched some tv shows and had a snack, another few hours. Settled in to watch Iron Man, which was really good. Had another snack and started to watch The Bank Job, fell asleep in my huge, comfortable flat bed and work up over Baja California with about an hour left. Ate a great breakfast and landed on time at 8:15 AM. Was one of the first off the plane, no line at customs. no luggage to pick up, customs cop stopped me, asked me two questions and sent me on my way. exited the terminal to await the flyway bus, which stops right in front of the terminal.

flyway buses for van nuys and westwood came and went, took about 45 minutes for the union station bus to arrive. bus trip was super fast, 9 am sunday there is no traffic, also those carpool lanes, 105 east to 110 north and at union station in about 20 minutes. walked thru union station, which has some staggering architecture, to catch a cab in front. cab ride home was $9.00, in my apartment by about 10 AM.

LAN 604
Lima – LAX
Depart 1:40 AM, arrive 8:15 AM