I had an opportunity to take a private, behind-the-scenes tour of what may be London’s most iconic landmark, Tower Bridge. This engineering marvel was built in 1886, as a much needed river crossing that could also accommodate ship traffic. While the exterior of the bridge looks quite Olde English-y and like it’s solid stone, the structure is a Victorian iron-framed building with a cosmetic stone cladding. The Tower Bridge Exhibition is an experience that includes a tour of the bridge, the walkways above with glass floors and the engine rooms. It’s a very cool experience, offering all visitors a very up-close and personal tour of this London icon.

Tower Bridge
A view from the very top of the tower, looking down at the passenger walkways. You can see the Tower of London on the left.


Tower Bridge
A view through the window at the top of the north tower
Tower Bridge inside look
Looking up at the inside of the top of the north tower, showing the iron framework

I climbed to the top of the north tower and was able to see the roof and metal framework that makes up the bridge. I had a great view out of the little windows at the top of the tower, overlooking London and looking down on the pedestrian walkways.

Tower Bridge glass floor
Laying down on the glass floor of the walkway, with the roadway visible beneath me
London view
A view of the City of London and its iconic skyscrapers, from Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge iron closeup
A closeup of the beautiful ironwork that makes up the framework of the bridge
Tower Bridge tower
Looking up at the south tower of Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge view
A view of London from the south tower

The final part of the tour takes visitors into the engine rooms to see the original, Victorian machinery that powered the bridge for many years.

Tower Bridge machinery
Part of the hydraulic system that operates the bridge

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