People often ask me why someone should pay to stay in a Ritz-Carlton when there are often other hotel brands nearby, for much cheaper rates. To me, it’s all about service and a commitment to total guest satisfaction. A recent stay at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay provided a small reminder of why they are the best.

RItz Carlton Half Moon Bay
The beautiful Ritz-Carllton, Half Moon Bay

Caesar salad at Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay
Caesar salad with grilled chicken at Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay

Having arrived late in the day, my girlfriend decided we should dine downstairs instead of in the room. Worried it was close to the 11 PM deadline, she called downstairs to the front desk and was assured if we showed up by 10:55, we would be accommodated. I’m not sure she believed them.

Pappadelle pasta at Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay
Pappadelle pasta at Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay

We made to The Conservatory, the Ritz-Carlton’s casual dining space, by 10:57 and Jeffrey the server greeted us, seated us and did warn us the kitchen was about to close. At the same time, he graciously assured us a quick decision on our part would allow the kitchen to accommodate any request from the full menu. We were familiar with the menu, having been considering in-room dining and quickly ordered a chicken Caesar salad and the pappardelle pasta. A few minutes later, both arrived, perfectly prepared, plated and served. It was a delicious dinner experience and reminded us the difference between Ritz-Carlton and other brands. 

dinner in The Conservatory Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Enjoying our dinner in The Conservatory