Audi S6
A closeup look at the S6 front end and wheel, showcasing the LED headlights

I spent a week in the seriously hardcore 2016 Audi S6 and instantly fell in love with this wolf in wolf’s clothing. With 450 hp from its 4.0L TFSI Audi V6, all that power sticks to the pavement via Audi’s legendary quattro all-wheel-drive system. Add in the 7-speed S tronic tranmission with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters and you have yourself a seriously lethal sports sedan.

2016 Audi S6
It’s all about the details, like the S6’s LED taillights

I took full advantage of the car’s smooth powerband on the drive back and forth between Los Angeles and Palm Springs where it was so hard not to keep the car out of three-digit speed limits. Powering down freeway onramps became quite a pleasurable pastime as the car feels almost electric as it quickly accelerates past 100 mph. The ride is sporty but certainly not harsh, even in the most aggressive driving mode. Audi’s optional dynamic steering, part of the optional S6 Sport package, adds to the incredible grip and handling you get.

Here’s my video review:


2017 Audi S6 interior seats
The beautifully crafted interior (2017 model shown, image courtesy of Audi)
2016 Audi S6
The S6 looks good, coming or going

The interior really shines, with four Audi sport seats and bespoke inlay panels (carbon fiber on my test car).  You also get Audi’s legendary build quality, safety and reliability.

2017 Audi S6 dashboard
The driver’s point of view (2017 Audi S6 shown, image courtesy of Audi)

To me, the key to this car is its multiple personality. You can put it in manual and it’s a hardcore, ground-pounding serious sports sedan. When it’s time to go out for a night on the town, you have a beautiful German luxury sedan that seats four comfortably and luxuriously. And when you need space to take the kids to school or go shopping, there’s a huge trunk and room to squeeze three people in that very cool back seat.