At a price around what other carriers charge for Economy Class, Norwegian offers its Premium cabin experience as something a bit more than Premium Economy and a bit less than Business Class. With lounge access on both ends, spacious comfortable seats and dedicated check-in, the experience is quite comfortable. I flew Premium back and forth from LAX to Gatwick as the airline has many direct flights to London (and now Paris too).

Business lounge at LAX
Norwegian Premium passengers have access to the new Qantas Business Lounge at LAX

Norwegian Premium
Seats were comfortable and spacious
Norwegian Premium
Recline was good, but not like having a flat bed seat
Norwegian 787
A Norwegian 787 Dreamliner (Courtesy of Norwegian)

Passengers have the added benefit that the service is flown on Boeing 787 Dreamliners. In case you didn’t know, these next-generation aircraft have some key features that make the flight more pleasant. The in-cabin altitude is lower than other aircraft, pressurized to 6,000 feet instead of 8,000 feet. The air inside is filtered better, in a method that doesn’t use the engines in the same way as past planes. The air is also more humid, about 14 percent instead of 4 percent on other planes. Add in much larger windows and better lighting and it all adds up to less jet lag. I also noticed the crews seem happier as the flights affect them less as well.

Airplane food
Dinner on the flight to Gatwick, Santa Fe chicken, complete with the story of Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl on the box. Chicken with a spicy sauce, rice, a roll, corn and vegetables and a chocolate cake.
Inflight food
Other than the main meal service, snacks can be ordered from the touch-screen IFE system
Norwegian inflight meal
This was the beef selection, quite good. Beef filet with spinach, carrots and potatoes.
Breakfast on Norwegian Air
Breakfast was a bagel, cream cheese and some delicious salmon

Clubrooms airport lounge at Gatwick
Norwegian Premium passengers departing Gatwick have access to the swanky Clubrooms lounge