Here are some pics from my tasting dinner at Chianina Steakhouse in Long Beach. It’s the only restaurant in the country where you get enjoy Chianina beef, from special Chianina cattle. These giant cattle, up to seven feet tall and weighing almost two tons, have been bred in Tuscany for thousands of years as working farm animals. The meat is tender, flavorful and low in fat. You can read my full review on Examiner later today.

Chianina Long Beach ribeye
The highlight of the evening was the third course,  a bone-in ribeye tasting portion of Chianina
Chianina bull
Chianina bull, seven feet tall and almost two tons!

Chianina beef skewer
The stuzzichino or amuse bouche, a Chianina beef skewer
Chianina Long Beach
First course, the Chianina beef BLT with Chianina bacon
Chianina Long Beach
Second course, Chianina top sirloin ragu rigatoni
Chianina Long Beach dessert
Fourth course and dessert was a Farmer’s Market berry triffle

Chianina Steakhouse is at 5716 2nd Street in the Naples area of Long Beach. They do tasting dinners each week. In addition to the great food, they have an extensive menu of Italian cuisine and a large bar serving specially crafted cocktails and wine from the restaurant’s extensive wine list. Chianina is also known for its wine tastings and foodie events.