Wine at Bar Boulud
The wine list is deep and well-curated, as one would expect from a French bistro

As the only London restaurant from celebrity chef Daniel Boulud, Bar Boulud wonderfully represents the skill and vision of this great Frenchman. The French bistro, housed within the luxurious Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, offers  some delicious food and incredible wine to hotel guests and London foodies alike.

During my recent London luxury adventure, I had a delicious dinner at Bar Boulud and was very impressed by the authentic menu and deep, deep wine list. Service was equally on point and the entire experience was one of the best I had in London. I also enjoyed the atmosphere, there was a nice mix of diners and groups of locals enjoying wine after work.

Bar Boulud London sausage
Kasekrainer sausage, made with beef soaked in wine and chunks of cheese

Bar Boulud London sausage
Tunisian lamb sausage with herbed couscus, peppers and yogurt

Escargots de Bourgogne
Escargots de Bourgogne, burgundy snails, grilled bread, parsley and garlic butter
Charcuterie in London
The charcuterie was amazing, some of the ham is cured in-house
Bar Boulud London
Sausages at Bar Boulud in London