Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge
The Dawn is beautiful from every angle (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

I think the Rolls-Royce Dawn is the sexiest Rolls model, a convertible with four seats and two doors. The massive drophead coupe offers fortunate drivers the pinnacle of automotive style, technology and performance. With the Black Badge edition, all that luxury and style is joined with some serious thrills. You get a performance exhaust, a more performance-oriented suspension tuning, hand-crafted 21-inch carbon alloy wheels and an additional 30 horsepower (593 vs. 563) over the “standard” Dawn.

Rolls-Royce Dawn
The Dawn looks best with its top down. (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

Outside, it’s easy to tell a Black Badge Rolls from a standard car. You have a black chrome Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament along with a black chrome Rolls grille. You also have black Rolls-Royce badges on the sides and the special wheels. The driving experience is heightened, it’s more exciting and more exhilarating. It’s one Rolls-Royce that’s definitely more fun to drive than to be driven in.

Rolls Royce Dawn
The Dawn with the top up (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

The 2020 Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge boasts a boosted V12, 6.6L engine with 593 horsepower and 605 lb-ft of torque. The power goes through an 8-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission and it’s just endless. From the moment you touch the accelorator, this massive car just flies. Inside it’s all leather and aluminum with contrasting trim on the dash, doors and seats. The Black Badge vehicles feature “techncal fibre” trim, a special material made with carbon fiber and aluminum thread. The material is then coated with six coats of lacquer and then hand-polished to a high finish.

Rolls Dawn
The interior is black with Mugello Red accents and stitching.

I drove the 2020 Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge all over Southern California including a few trips back and forth between LA and Palm Springs. Regardless of the road or conditions, it just glides down the road. Wafts is the word I like to use. The Black Badge Dawn gives you that magic carpet ride but with a bit more edge. When you jump on it, there is a slight exhaust note and the car just launches forward.

Rolls-Royce Dawn
A rear view of the Dawn, this color is Magma Red (Photo by Freddy Sherman)
Rolls Royce engine
The massive V12 is set far back for better weight distribution and handling (Photo by Freddy Sherman)


Rolls-Royce Dawn hood ornament
The Black Badge black chrome hood ornament and black grille (Photo by Freddy Sherman)
Dawn wheels
The Black Badge Dawn has these special Carbon Alloy wheels (Photo by Freddy Sherman)
Rolls interior
The multi-media screen and temperature controls (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

The 2020 Rolls-Royce Dawn is $356,500. The Black Badge package is $50,000 and this particular Dawn had another $48,025 in options bringing the total to $459,875.

Dawn window sticker
The window sticker shows all the bespoke options (Photo by Freddy Sherman)
Rolls-Royce Dawn
The Dawn has coach doors which open from the rear (Photo by Freddy Sherman)
Rolls Royce Dawn
The Dawn has a wonderful presence (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

You can see several reviews and driving videos I did with the Dawn on my Luxury Fred YouTube channel.